Mar 03,2022

Video: Aisha Buhari, Nigerian 1st Lady In Dubai Chilling With The Big Girls

The question Nigerians are asking is if the wife of the Nigerian president is now permanently resident in Dubai? How can she be the 1st lady of a country and then enjoy leaving more in another? 

If she so desires the way Dubai is, she should try to help her husband the president, fulfil the responsibility of creating that same atmosphere, which she so fancy, back home in Nigeria, for her and her fellow citizens to enjoy.

But no, Selfish Aisha Buhari would have to go celebrate her birthday in Dubai, showing off how she and the wife of other politicians, shamefully squander the country wealth looted by their husbands.

Nigeria is not good enough to reside in or celebrate her birthday, but they and their husband can hold all political positions. Shame on the wives of those governors, wasting their state wealth flying to Dubai to present the 1st lady a birthday gift, they must have flown there in private jets, what a waste, what an insensitive thing to do.

By Samson Onoja Itodo


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