Sep 04,2017

Local Market Women React To The Current Economic Hardship

Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest economies with over 70% of the Nation’s revenue generated from crude oil. Nigeria slipped into economic recession in 2016. Nigeria was particularly hit the hardest by the decline of global oil prices which makes up majority of goverment revenure and even though various policies were put in place in 2016, with the aim of boosting the economy, the economy still remains in a quandary. Despite all the reports and statistics that has been given by various experts on inflation and food index, what does all this mean to the ORDINARY citizens and market women on the Streets. A late morning conversation with the market women in Alakoto Market, Olodi-Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria gave the women a chance to actually express how the present economic recession has affected the marketability of their products. For more on what these woman had to say, see video below or follow the link below.

Food Stuff
The act of buying and selling


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