Jan 21,2021

African Representation In The German Political Spectrum

The participation of Africans in German politics is something that needs attention, as Africans leaving in Germany are showing not much interest in politics.

It is aparent that we are missing out in a place where our survival in Germany is being discussed, and we are not standing behind those from our community who have ventured or tried to go in the direction of politics.

Che Chidi Chukwumerije is one of those in our community who have got the courage to stand out and fight for our representation in German politics, so it is high time for our community to check him out and decide if he is an eligible candidate to represent us.

Below is how Che Chidi Chukwumerije profiles himself:

"Dear citizens of Frankfurt,

I am Che Chukwumerije. Some of you know me from my social activities and my work in literature, in music and in sports. Many of you know me as a socio-political Activist, pushing for social justice and sustainable development in Europe and Africa, advocating for decolonisation and non-exploitation in the relationship between the West and Africa, as well as campaigning for the empowerment of marginalised groups and a more balanced relationship between Diaspora Africans and Germans, so that we can fit better into and contribute more productively to our German society. 

I am announcing my candidacy to contest:
for the Foreign Advisory Council of Frankfurt (KAV);
as well as for the District Parliament (Ortsbeirat im Bezirk 5 - Niederrad, Oberrad, Sachsenhausen, Schwanheim),
on 14th Mar 2021.

I received a lot of motivation from Rahul Kumar of the Multinational Organisation Rhein-Main, as well as from Bernd Nobis, the President of VfL Germania 1894, the oldest football club in Frankfurt, where I hold the post of Integration Officer. And I would like to encourage all foreigners, including my fellow Africans, to take part in the political process, and contribute positively to our German society.

Only when you are an active and positive part of the process can your own issues too be adequately addressed.
I am contesting as an independent candidate who, as the people‘s representative, will be available and approachable and will strongly represent the people‘s interests. 

In the District Parliament (Ortsbeirat), I will ensure a stronger participation of all citizens in the affairs of the district parliament and will champion solutions that combine prosperity with social inclusion and eco-sustainability, while retaining our traditional German culture. The technological and economic future of Germany rests on this quartet, and the District is the perfect level on which to thus contribute to the building of our future. 

In the KAV, I will work to strengthen and unite the African Communities, thematise their issues (like work, language, training, papers) and fortify the relationship between the African communities and Frankfurt city, in the interest of social Justice. 
Diaspora Africans can contribute a lot more to Frankfurt’s economy and international trade potential, if we are properly Empowered through work permits and training/education.

Frankfurt is more; and when we (can) all participate and contribute our quota, then Frankfurt can also do and achieve more!
For this election, I am registered under the voting list called “Bharat, IND”. Here you will find my name on the ballot paper and can vote for me. 

Who Is Eligible To Vote?
For Ortsbeirat: 
German and EU Nationals, 18+, resident in Bezirk 5 (Niederrad, Oberrad, Sachsenhausen, Schwanheim-Ost).
For KAV:
All Foreign Nationals, 18+, living anywhere in Frankfurt and registered in Frankfurt on/before 31.01.2021
Call for action
All eligible voters, please register yourself for postal ballots via the following link. 
Or send me a personal message with the following info (first name, last name, address, date of birth, email, tel) and I will assist you with the registration. 
Yours sincerely
Che Chukwumerije 
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