Oct 05,2021

Portrait Of The First Family Of An European Country, Can This Be?

Col. Mamady Doumbouya the former French legionnaire, age 41 has been sworn in as Guinea's interim president, after leading a coup which saw the overthrow of Alpha Condé.

There is a debate brewing on social media about president of an African country with European wife, after the swearing pictures of the new first family of Guinea hit the web. Though Col. Mamady Doumbouya is not the first African president that is married to a European, there have been others before him. Why is his case stirring up a debate?

There are some comments on social media questioning his loyalty to his country and suggesting he is a puppet of the French government, could this be based on him being married to a French woman? And is the European society civilized enough to accept a mixed race couple as the first family of an European country, if the coin flip?.

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