Apr 28,2022

Is Lewis Hamilton Being Sabotaged By F1’s Powers That Be?

A reporter a short time ago in a press conference asked Lewis Hamilton “Question to Lewis, with the new regulation and the fact that everybody is in the unknown, do you fear that the team will not be capable to win and fight for the championship?”  Lewis's response was “Why would I feel that way?” the reporter then followed up with “Em may have been a car which is not capable to win the championship” then Lewis asked him in return “Why would I ever think that; we won an eight in a roll, why would I ever fill that way?” then the reporter answered “Because they can have make a mistake building that car” to which Lewis responded, “My team don’t make mistakes”.

Why is the reporter directing this question only to Lewis Hamilton and not to any other driver present at the press conference? Is he preview to some high-level plans to make sure Lewis fails? Bernie Ecclestone former chief executive of the Formula One Group, is surprised Lewis Hamilton wants to beat Michael Schumacher's title record, he also admitted he is surprised that Lewis has not retired out of respect for Schumacher’s record tally of Formula 1 world titles. What is at play here openly on the world stage, are we witnessing the same old racist players, trying to prevent a black man from beating a white man’s record?.

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