Oct 04,2021

Old & Sick Bola Ahmed Tinubu Candidate For Nigerian Presidency 2023, Another Medical Tourist

Nigeria, a nation with a very high youth population, who are breaking grounds and are archievers worldwide in various fields of their endervors, have become a disappointment to its citizens and the international community, because of the choice of its political leaders.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos state who is instrumental to the current president Muhammadu Buhari rise to power, is being campaigned for by a certain segment of Nigerians in London, a campaign poster of Bola Ahmed Tinubu was sighted in a London subway, while he is there to sick medical attention like the man who he intends to succeed.

The current president Muhammadu Buhari vowed to stop "Medical Tourism" during his campaign for Nigerian presidency, but his reign in power is a tale of a sick president often in London, sometimes for months seeking medical attention, while his poor citizens die in Nigeria because of the poor state of the countries medical facilities.

The story is the same in most African countries and one is forced to ask this question, what is wrong with us? What are the reasons some of us would campaign for an old, sick Bola Ahmed Tinubu? Are there no youth capable of leading Nigeria.

Image source: http://www.osundefender.com



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