Oct 20,2020

#EndSARS: Protesters Write Fresh Demands In "plain Words" Urge Government To Take Prompt Actions

As the major reasons for this #EndSARS protest is considered to be a serious bottle neck to Nigeria at large, the protesters has taking it up as their ought most priorities never to give up until the government agree to take prompt actions on their demands.

 The agitators on Tuesday tenderd their demands on a clear notification to the government.

Having conserved the list to be at the peak of their demands, a call was put to Mr. President to critically address the nation via a national broadcast.
Aisha yusufu who happens to be One of the leaders of the campaign ,  urge the government to take prompt actions  immediately.

She tweeted, “Since we have government that is incompetent, the #EndSars protesters have written in plain words what the govt needs to do.

“Unbelievable how those with no leadership are the ones leading the way while those with leadership only know to resort to violence against protesters.”

By Musty Mustapha 

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