Video: What Is Behind UK Deportation Plan And How Does It Benefit Rwanda?

It is amazing how leaders of western nations have been able to continiously fool African leaders, a typical example is what British prime minister Boris Johnson is doing to the president of Rwanda Paul Kagame, what do we call the recent agreement between the Uk and Rwanda concerning refugees? What kind of a business deal is this? And what is in it for the African nation to make it sell it soul to the devil?

UK Government plans to send unauthorised asylum seekers on a one-way ticket to Rwanda, why can't they remain in the Uk? Boris Johnson this week said those who would be deported to Rwanda “would be given the opportunity to build a new life in that dynamic country” but  why are they not been given the opportunity to build their life in the United Kingdom? Is the UK not suppose to be more capable than Rwanda?.

A British government official was being questioned in an interview on a news channel, he was asked if he himself would want to go leave in Rwanda, since he thinks it is such a good place for the refugees, and he couldn't bring himself to say yes to the question, this shows the level of disregard he has for Rwanda. See Tiktok video of the interview below.



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