Social Media Star “Motara” Apologizes For “Stupid” Behavior!

#motara apologize for teasing a poor innocent begger on the street.    

A video have gone viral of social media star “Motara” who was being inhuman to a poor girl begging on the street.

The popular Nigerian internet sensation "Motara" who heartlesly teased a poor little girl with a drink, has come out shamefully to apologize to her fans and other social media users. Recently, a video went viral on social media showing how Motara was teasing a little  beggar with a drink when  the poor little girl moved close to her car to ask for help.

 However, fans and social media users rose up against her behavior and have registered their disappointment in the social media influencer after she posted the video in her WhatsApp status. Meanwhile twitter has since suspended her account, but the social media star opened a new support account to apologize, while some other social media users believe its a parody account.

While regreting her actions towards the girl, she went ahead to tender  apology on to her fans on her new twitter handle, stating that "she made the video at the time because she thought it was funny and had shared it on her Whatsapp story where she was blasted for her stupidity. She further  express that, "no amount of money she could have given the little girl could actually justify her actions but she is sorry and hopes that her apology would go a long way to lessen the online backlash.



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