Davido Just Overruled Nigerian Pastors And Politicians With A Single Act Of Kindness

Davide Adeleke aka "Davido", whose act of kindness a few days ago is still occupying the news circle; the Afrobeats king disbursed a total sum of 250 million naira to orphanages around Nigeria. 200 million naira was donated by fans and colleagues.

Nigerians have started to ask questions and look into the doings of pastors and politicians, the level of injustice portrayed by these two power sectors is shameful. This religious and political power corrupt leaders have only stolen from Nigerians. 

Extortion goes on every Sunday and other days of the week, pastors would collect offerings and all other sought of church levies from the poor congregation to furnish their lavish lifestyle. These pastors would rather own more than one private jet, build schools that members of their congregations can not afford to send their children to, build mega-churches everywhere possible around the country but not industries to create employment and; then ignore or do nothing about the situation of the poor amongst the congregation.

Nigerian politicians are probably the most heartless and senseless sets of humans, they would loot their countries wealth in excess, and dump it in foreign accounts all over the world. These are the same sets of people; that refuses to build a standard healthcare system in Nigeria, but would rather fly abroad to seek medical attention.

Davido has shown us all what love is and how to be our brother's keeper. Can we hope Nigerian religious and political leaders; learn a thing from the act of love from a musician? our superstar David Adeleke popularly known as Davido.



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