Brice, Nigerian Rapper Shot Dead In America.

24year old  Nigeria rapper"Adefemi miekhary Brice" who happens to be one of the 10 finalists at the 2013 edition of Nokia Don’t Break Da Beat Rap competition organised in partnership with Trace TV, was shot dead on Sunday August 16, 2020. in Columbus, Ohio. Brice was  found struggling for his life before he finally gave up on Sunday. 

It was reported that He also lost his brother, James-Michael Brice on April 29, 2014, in Columbus at 21. According to Fox, Brice’s murder is the 88th homicide in Columbus in 2020.

Columbus Police reports that a passerby had found Brice struggling with the pains of gunshot wound in a gold-colored car in the 2700 block of Cleveland Avenue adjacent Melrose Avenue at about 10 a.m., and placed a call to the police.

The deceased's sister Sabi Brice, has circulated this report on Facebook that, "My little brother is gone, I hate life, there’s no reason for me to live. My heart is so broken right now. Miekharry Brice I literally don’t have nobody no more." She continues, "As sad as I’ve been and as much as it hurts my heart to have one. We’re having a candle light for my beloved baby brother Miekharry Brice tomorrow at Barnett park 6:30pm. Just come show your respects for this young respectable man".


(By: Musty Mustapha)

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