Applying The Model Of Afrobeats And Movie Industry Revolution Where African Politicians Failed

Afrobeats and the movie industry did not start their revolution by begging for aid and handouts from the international community, but look inward for available resources in our continent, which they found in abundance to build what is now a multi-million dollar industry, the youths that built this industry did not go chasing the international market from the onset, they concentrated on the local market, the international market had no choice but to jump on board after seeing how successful the Afrobeats and movie industry is. The builders of this industry weren't perfect, but good learners on the job and learning they did well to create such a monster industry "Afrobeats and movie industry". These youths have proved to be a far better ambassadors of Africa far exceeding what African politicians had been, if our youths could believe and are able to identify our strength in terms of the readily available natural resources and work with them to achieve success, why don't African politicians emulate their model or rather give the youths who have shown themselves to be better leaders the chance to manage our continent?

By Samson Onoja Itodo

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