Dec 01,2018

White People Need Help And Re-education

Education is supposed to make us better people, civil and co-exit peacefully, but the wrong type of education have created an uncivilized ruling "power" who have no regards for another human.

Being constantly lied to for the most of their life, miss educated and living in a bubble, lies created by their ancestors to suit their agenda and being perpetuated through all kinds of media works and those white people who want to hold onto that sense of entitlement to white privilege, which they feel is eroding them, thereby resulting to them committing all sorts of inhuman crimes, like mass shooting and the rest of other population control crimes against none white.

But then how can they get help in a situation, where they feel they are the master race and know better? Could the few whites who are well informed spear head the re-education of their fellow whites? The same also goes to none "whites" we need to re-educate our own kind and help us connect to our true self. 

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